Thee Heartless

by Thee Heartless

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released April 5, 2014

Recorded at Greene Music 5th April 2014

Gabe Andre: Drums
Arthur Urquiola: Everything else.



all rights reserved


Artefracture Hong Kong

High-class culture with a lo-fi aesthetic. Punk Rock hearts with impeccable DIY ethics.

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Track Name: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Ball
bright lights shining out our mouths and eyes whenever we speak again
It's been too long since we fought our way out of a disconnect
Even when we're both here our thoughts are with other tongues
It's some enchanted evening, we both feel this race is run

You crawled right through to have it sneak and spring unsaid
if you stories bore me deeper to sleep i might as well be dead

I swear these days we're speaking with more spite
Between our two voices I still make a living with mine
How to sell what's spat such crushing curses and threats
There's a shame on this end every time I ride again

I'd catch my death outside but I've lost the will to be free
that same hook sunk a rhythm deep in me

Get a handle on our vices instead of letting them conquer us
Stopped celebrating all there is and circled on what was
Two warmths in the winter two glasses clink to suggestion
A foil to all my bad ideas, a sympathetic shoulder to rest on
Track Name: The Cull
A slow winter, a lazy summer, we're no closer to any answers
a simple tune and impending doom with deadlines we can't keep

No shelter with a safer bet, a better way we ain't seen yet
Jive through our lives with love and lies and flaws for all to see
this is how we get out kicks, rage until blacked out or sick
it's a past time that never aged well but it seemed to stick

There's something to her timing and sad truths pack a sting
it got all sides to drop their fists, realise the fight no longer exists
slow the fuck down, or phone it all in, somehow they're all convinced
there's no light at the end of all this, a narrow, shallow win