The Sun Comes Up and Kills Us Both


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released August 29, 2012

Ben Tse: Spoken word vocals, bass and lead guitar on 'New Black Standard'.

Arthur Urquiola: Everything else.

Artwork by Danny Kostianos



all rights reserved


Artefracture Hong Kong

High-class culture with a lo-fi aesthetic. Punk Rock hearts with impeccable DIY ethics.

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Track Name: New Black Standard
We’re more or less the same
As the years have passed us by,
Something hinders us – perhaps it’s shame?
Oh, those things we never thought would affect us
They forever shape our lives, continually changing everything

The black blood of creativity stewed in a pot or from a vending machine
Pen to paper so you could hear me wail a new take on an age old tale
of two wasting in the rain each wishing the other one would say
the answer to the others' fears and move forward to the warm embrace.

“It’s pointless living in the “what ifs” and “what nots,” so I tell myself.
We’ve spent too much time forgetting about the present, the current
I want my mind to tell me I simply lack courage
But the truth is most of the times I lack the desire to care.

Let's waste our wages wasted on weekends letting our guards down
Our self-restraint can go get fucked we're both too way down on our luck.
Let's Drown our inner monologues and let our ids out on the town
And hope this time we'll wake not waiting 'til the regret's all used up.

Our hearts rebel against better judgement and what we know for sure
We're devils in the details we overlook to set the sadness straight
And looking down the barrel of the drama just gets too hard to endure
But it kills me to think we could share so much if there wasn't so much unsaid
Track Name: The Hellbound Jetset
What a plague that's been fucked into my skull and it has me waking a wreck
Tasting colours and reacting to the moods that the trails in the lights suggest
Shake me from a deep sleep to a body where nothing is sacred
We're all a little scared of the foolish characters that the night has blessed.

Punch the steeple with a piss-soaked hand, fucks and bloody murder hollered
One more time with feeling, it'll keep all the condescending saints at bay
A laureate I'll never be reading cover to cover of I life left me recoiling in horror
A casualty haunting every old haunt I've failed without a fighting chance.

Defeated or just fucked? With my night terrors I've been left crippled quiet
Either abandoned, bitter or wretched or a cause for no one's concern
Kick and scream into a state where you can turn away or just throw the whole damn fight
Or dig your own damn hole'til you fall out the other end with cosmic justice to burn.

Lose your legs in a struggle to walk, with your head held high, without choking up
The air grows sour the colder it gets and the sun is just rise and shame
When blackout calls and consequences beckon and a forced smile is not enough
A place to rest your feet and dry your eyes and curse that it always ends the same.
Track Name: Shoot It in the Face
What were that man's dreams?
Old souls are still caring mother's sons
How did you end up washed up but not cleansed in the sea?
Who were you devoted to what were your passions?

Fell off the time I was raised in
My name's falling out minds and greeting card lists
The young upstarts, they've all hit dead ends
Sad and bitter ain't no face to kiss

They used to break their necks turning their heads
Now the heads are turned down and away
Took a chance and failed just another casualty
Didn't go for the yard from the inches your life gave